The whole process of hiring a landscape architect in Toronto can be unsettling for people who are searching and hiring them for the very first time. There can be many questions that will be revolving in your head. In order to calm these questions and to make sure that you hire the best landscape architect in Toronto, suitable for your home, we have mentioned a few things that you should know about them.

Landscape Architect

Who is a Landscape Architect?

Let us begin with understanding the true meaning of the term Landscape Architect and what is included in his or her role. A landscape architect is a serious or professional landscape designer who creates efficient outdoor living spaces. How are these landscape architects different from the landscape designers? Well, the landscape architects have a legal right to present ‘Wet Stamps’ which are necessary for all the civic as well as commercial projects.

The job of a landscape architect in Toronto includes:

  • Designing a detailed landscape layout and plan
  • A strong outline that includes details with respect to hardscape, irrigation, lighting, drainage, demolition process, planting plan and other specifications related to the design
  • Manage subcontractors

Things to ask while hiring a Landscape Architect in Toronto

1. Ask for a License

There are two sorts of landscape architects in Toronto:

  1. Licensed
  2. Unlicensed

You should not hire an unlicensed landscape architect or contractors. A licensed landscape architect holds a field related specific degree that makes them more learned towards designing a coefficient space that falls right on the rules of designing. Thus, you should never hire an unlicensed landscape architect.

2. Ask for References

Dig deeper into their words and perform thorough research. You can ask a landscape architect about their previous clients and contact them, in order to know their working experience. These experiences can act as a great reference for your own projects.

Always use your judgement before deciding that the landscape architects are trustworthy or not. If you like a landscape design of a neighbour then do not hesitate to ring their bell and ask them about their landscape architect and if they can recommend the landscape architect to them.

3. Creativity & Imagination

Do you feel like you have better ideas than the landscape designers? Then it is time to switch to the landscape architects in Toronto. The landscape architects guide their clients through the entire process of designing and construction, making their clients feel comfortable about their project. To know if they are as creative as yourself, you should check out their online gallery and mock plans.

4. Budget

If you do not know as to how much you should invest in your landscape designing then there is a good rule of thumb that you should follow. While ascertaining the budget, you need to keep 5 to 10 percent of your house’s total market value. This will help you from going overboard while adding a fruitful monetary appeal to your existing value of the house, making your landscape design, a worthy investment.

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