Many people are startled with the cost of service involved when someone advises them to hire a Landscape Architect. But with ever-evolving landscape trends, you need a landscape architect to keep your landscape designs corresponding to the trends.

The work of a landscape architect covers both urban and rural territories. The architects create impressionable ambiences for everyone to enjoy. They also ensure that all these projects are sustainable, appropriate and lively. Landscape architects shape the world around us by responsibly designing parks, personal and industrial landscapes, natural reserves, among many others.

As many landscape architects live and work abroad, or have overseas clients, they have a broader sense of designing that addresses concerns such as:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Climate Change
  3. Water and housing facilities

Beyond addressing these concerns, Land-con being among the leading landscape architects in Toronto can give you 7 reasons why you should hire a landscape architect for your home!

residential landscape architects Toronto

1. Landscape Architects Can Appreciate the Value of Your Home

Appointing a landscape architect is one of the biggest investment that you can get for your home. It is generally believed among the Real Estate Dealers that a good landscape design can help you appreciate your house’s value by 15 percent. A landscape architect is well-trained and experienced in providing a backyard space that is not just an extension for your living space but also provides monetary benefits. Landscape designers install arbours, outdoor seatings, fountains, fireplaces/firepits, outdoor kitchen and bars, patios among many other simple elements, and create a space that is sustainable as well as alluring.

2. Landscape Designers With A Plan

Landscape Architects are Landscape Designers with an all-inclusive plan. Landscape Architects have a team of landscape designers, gardeners, engineers and other professionals and so a plan from their team will never fail. This plan is formed with assessing the present situation and carefully considering the future possibilities in trend and weather situations.

3. Can Easily Design Low Maintenance Gardens with beautiful native plants

Not all can make a beautiful garden with low maintenance native plants. Hire landscape architects to sublimely incorporate the native grown plants, making your garden low on maintenance.

4. They Know Where To Place The Trees

Did you know that your backyard has green spots? Green spots are the places in your backyard that can help you lower your electricity consumption. A landscape architect understands these spots and places appropriate trees and large shrubs that can act as natural heating and cooling agents for your home.

5. Landscape Architects Can Incorporate Permeable Paving

Many times homeowners are faced with major problems such as flooding of their driveway or slippery patios. Landscape architects can incorporate permeable paving that will help solve all these problems.

6. Expert Solutions From Start to End

Landscape architects along with landscape designers are here to stay involved with you, right from landscape construction to maintenance. What may seem like a weekend job can take weeks to complete.

7. Landscape Architects Design A Landscape Loved By All

Landscape Architects construct a landscape that will adorn the attention of many by providing you with a special place for your family and friends. Thus, they deliver a finished project that not only is beautiful but complies with all the codes and regulations.

Looking For A Modern Landscape Design in Toronto?

Hire Land-con. We, being the best commercial and residential landscape architects in Toronto, provide a sustainable outdoor ambience of your house. Our designs are highly functional and yet meets everyone’s eyes. Call us at 416.504.5263 or drop in a mail on in case of any inquiries or help. Contact us now for a free expert consultation!