Mixing natural elements in your front yard landscape such as lush plants, intricate stonework, and water fountains create a warm and inviting environment for your guests and provide you with a refreshing resting place. However, some of these front yard landscape design ideas need high maintenance.

Homeowners in Toronto are increasingly turning towards front yards that are easy to maintain and pragmatic. Instead of focusing too much on plants, shrubs, and lawns, try experimenting with these simple and easy to maintain front yard landscaping design ideas that are functional and great to look at.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas & Tips

Top Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for a Modern and Sleek Look!

  • Use Concrete or Stones for Your Driveway and Walkway

A clear and well-defined driveway and walkway increase the appeal of your front yard. You can use concrete or stone pavers for your front yard landscape and other exterior surfaces such as a patio as they are durable and easy to maintain. By installing them, you won’t need to check for cracks or worry about constant cleaning.

Also, concrete and stone pavers are versatile and blend with the architecture of your home. Whether you have a small front yard or are aiming for a minimalistic look, you can experiment with concrete and stone to create interesting patterns for your driveways and walkways to achieve a classic and clean look.

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  • Get Creative with Fences

What’s a front yard without a well-designed fence? They are no longer merely used for security and maintaining boundaries. They are also used to highlight your front yard landscape design. It is the first thing that your visitors will notice when they enter your front yard. Hence, it helps to make them more inviting. Here are a few ways to get creative with your fence design:

  1. You can install wooden fences for rustic country charm.
  2. Frosted glasses are quite trendy. You can add a mix of frosted glass panels and wood to create a focal point in your front yard.
  3. While white picket fences are an all-time favourite choice for homeowners, you can add an arbour over your fence. They can support planting vines on the top of your fence to create an attractive appearance.
  4. Add a vertical garden to your brick fence.
  5. A unique way to add charm to your entrance is to install a basket weave patterned fence. They are distinctive and increase the appeal of your landscape design.
  • Design Retaining Walls Smartly

You can build retainer walls to hold and retain soil from the plant bed. They are low maintenance and you can design them to look attractive all the while complementing your front yard landscape design. Here’s are a few tips to help you create the perfect retainer wall:

  1. You can design your wall to have a curved or tiered shape.
  2. Be careful with the choice of material. Use different coloured stones and concrete blocks.
  3. You can also design your retaining walls to look like a staircase for a more elaborate look.
  • Illuminate Your Front Yard with Lightings

Lighting fixtures not only help you navigate your front yard in the dark but also look great. Adding lights in your front yard landscape helps you relax with your friends and family even after dusk. You can spruce up your garden with lights by following these simple hacks:

  1. Install lights on your pathways to help your guests navigate through your front yard.
  2. You can also hang string lighting. They enhance the ambiance and are useful when you are hosting an event or relaxing on your porch.
  3. Lanterns and other country lights can add a charming look to your front yard.
  • Automate Your Watering

While constructing your landscape in Toronto, you can opt for an automated sprinkler system that is fuss-free and helps to maintain your plants easily. You can also set up an irrigation system that has a timer so that you can follow the watering routine without delay.

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