Lighting plays a major role in boosting the overall aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool. If done right,  lighting has the potential to make even an ordinary pool the envy of your entire neighborhood and if done wrong, it can ruin even the best-designed pools and make them a sore sight to look at. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your pool, lighting also serves a functional purpose and can be an important safety measure if you have kids in the house or if you plan to use your pool after the sun goes down.

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So, it’s absolutely essential that you get the lighting in and around your pool just right. Whether you are planning to hire a professional to do the job or whether you are planning to go the DIY way, here are some essential tips which will help you ensure that your pool design doesn’t let you down.

For lighting in your pool

LED lights have proved to be a game-changer when it comes to in pool lighting as previously it was all about mounted lights at the end of pools or on the house or a tree to illuminate the area, but today a pool owner has numerous options to choose from that will transform the whole pool experience. LED lights are generally fitted under the coping or are installed in pipes fixed in the pool walls. These lights cast a soft glow over the water and have controls to choose and change the intensity as well as the color of the light as you wish or you can opt for a computerized color wheel setup which will change colors automatically. Fiber-optic lighting is another option that pool owners and designers can consider to add an extra oomph factor to the aesthetic appeal of the pool.

For Lighting around your pool

This is where the choices start to get overwhelming as you will be faced with numerous combinations and options to enhance the area around your pool. To make things easier for you, we have categorized around-pool lighting in the following sections:

Pool Deck/Pathways

Pool deck/pathway lighting is important as it will illuminate the path towards the pool and can help integrate the pool with the surrounding area. The important point to consider here is to not go overboard with a lot of lights or the intensity otherwise it will look more like a runway rather than a pathway. Also, if you are opting for standing light fixtures, then too many lights will also create unnecessary obstructions in the path which can lead to people stumbling over them.

Surrounding landscape

When done properly, the lighting in the area surrounding your pool can help tie the whole area together. If your pool area is also meant to entertain guests then this aspect of pool lighting becomes more important than ever, as it will create an inviting atmosphere which will act as a magnet for people. The important thing to consider here is that the surrounding lighting doesn’t clash with the lighting inside your pool as it will lead to the area being over lit and will ruin the aesthetic appeal of the whole area.

Surrounding walls

Most people tend to ignore the walls of the backyard when designing the lighting of their pool area, but if done properly, wall lights can highlight the texture of the walls and can add a touch of refinement to the whole area. Aim for soft wash lights especially around the wall pillars to highlight them and provide a feeling of uniformity and composition to your pool area.

Keep these tips in mind when planning for designing the landscape around your pool. Being one of the leading landscaping companies in Toronto, we are more than equipped to transform your vision of a pool into reality. Check out the website for more details and take a look at some of our projects and client testimonials. We are a one-stop destination for all of your pool designing requirements in Toronto.