Interlock can add the perfect touch to any outdoor landscape. Our Interlock experts can provide you with a unique interlock design that makes you stick out from the neighbors giving your property a unique look.

Residential Interlocking

Interlocking TorontoWhile residential interlocking in Toronto might come off as slightly more expensive than regular concrete, it more than makes up for it as it is more durable than any other comparable material. Interlocking concrete provides flexibility as each individual block of concrete has its own place and it can expand or contract within its own place due to weather elements. Traditional concrete on the other hand would crack due to the constant expansion and contraction resulting from heat and cold. Interlocking concrete on the other hand would not suffer from the same fate, as any affected individual tile can be easily replaced without impacting the overall landscape. Brick and asphalt also suffer from the same problem as asphalt would require continuous filling of gaps and holes while individual bricks cannot be also easily replaced due to the mortar between the bricks. This makes interlocking concrete cheaper in the long run.

Benefits of Interlocking in Toronto

  • Interlocking concrete also provides you with numerous customization options as these concrete blocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes as well as colors and textures. So, with interlocking concrete, homeowners have an option to create a truly unique landscape design which won’t be found anywhere else.
  • Residential interlocking in Torontoalso requires minimum maintenance as it is quite easy to clean interlocking concrete by splashing the concrete blocks with pressurized water and then replacing the polymer sand between the blocks. It can easily be done by anyone including the houseowner.
  • Another added advantage of interlocking concrete is that it can be easily achieved in a property which already has a concrete, brick or asphalt landscaping. Interlocking concrete only requires that 7 inch of earth be removed from the surface so that sand can be put there and interlocking concrete blocks are placed after that.

However, while deciding on an interlocking project it is very crucial to hire only good pavers who are experienced in Interlocking Building Blocks Construction as they can advise and guide you on the design and construction aspect and are also capable of transforming your landscape vision into reality. Land-Con has extensive expertise in interlocking concrete projects and hasserved countless customers with high customer satisfaction. You can take a look at our previously completed projects on your website and decide for yourself.