No matter what you believe, first impressions do create an impact on the onlookers. It applies to your property too. Particularly, if you are planning to sell your house, you must consider investing in landscaping by hiring a reputable Landscape Design Firm. You will undoubtedly be able to reap the benefits of this investment. If you are not looking to sell it, you can certainly enjoy the merits of well-designed and landscaped house for yourself!
Landscape Design For Your Home

Here are the 5 benefits of landscaping your home:

Increases the value of your property

Did you know that professional landscaping can help you boost the overall value of your property around 15% to 20%?
It is very much beneficial for those of you who are looking to sell your place. Many realtors or real estate agents second the view that excellently designed, landscaped and well-maintained property will fetch you more and can even double its worth.

Reduces the utility costs

Many people fail to realize that a well-planned and executed landscape project can help reduce the utility bills.
For instance, planting trees at the right places can provide you shade and decrease the need for air conditioning in summers.

Adds to the curb appeal

Landscaping makes a place look attractive and increases the curb appeal. If you feel that making yourself look presentable is essential, then you must understand that your place must also look inviting. Professional landscaping will help you achieve it.

Space management

Landscaping allows you to make better use of the outside space available. You can install a patio, design a backyard swimming pool, create a garden, or build a pergola in your property.

You will have a beautiful space to relax and have fun with your friends and family, particularly in Canadian regions, where the temperatures are extreme.

Creates an eco-friendly environment

Landscaping is not merely about making your home attractive. Instead, you can use the opportunity to make it environment-friendly. For example, you can install a birdhouse or a bird fountain, or use appropriate materials which offer permeability to create the patio or driveway.
You would require the help of experts from a good landscape design firm to get the whole thing right, but the end result will assuredly be worth it!

Gives you peace and privacy

Many studies show that exposure to nature can help you relax and provide you with the much-required tranquility in today’s hectic life. Eventually, it will aid you to increase productivity in all aspects of life.
Moreover, landscaping will also give you the privacy you need from the outside world.

Now that you know the advantages of landscaping your home let us take a brief look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts.

DO Mix up the plantations
A few of the variety of flowers are early bloomers and lose their flowers when the weather becomes warmer while others are late bloomers. So plant a mix of both so that you can enjoy a beautiful garden throughout the year.

DON’T Mix up styles & themes
While thinking out of the box is good, mixing up garden styles can create a mess. So pick out a theme and stick with it. It will create a flow throughout the yard.

DO Remember your pets
If you have pets or are planning to get one, consider them while deciding landscape design for your home. For example, avoid the plants which could be poisonous for them, or build a fenced play area for them, and so forth.
DON’T Neglect Maintenance
While planning your landscape project, make sure that you are capable enough to maintain it, or all those days of hard work will be in vain.

DO Consider the size of pathways
The standard size in case of pathways, in terms of their width, is 36 inches. However, if you require enough room to stroll around in pairs, you might want to consider a pathway with a width of 48 inches.

DON’T Overlook spacing
It is essential that you plan your plantations and other structures keeping in mind to space them adequately. It will help you in the long run and prevent congestion.

DO Pull the weeds
Weeds and overgrown plants tend to make your place look unkempt. So pull them out whenever you deem fit.

DON’T Think in singles
Always think in multiples when plants are concerned. Creating swaths of colors will increase the visual appeal.

Keep all these in mind and enjoy your newly landscaped place!
If you have any questions or queries regarding landscape design, get in touch with us. We are one of the best landscape design company in Toronto with 20 years of experience in the field! We will be happy to help you.