“I like gardening- it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself”

Whether it is a manicured front lawn, stone-paved pathway or any intricate landscape design, choosing a well-executed landscaping idea can upgrade the entire aesthetics of your home. The results are out! Remodeling your backyards has become now better than ever! Check out the post that features numerous breathtaking before and after ideas to consider for backyard landscaping in Toronto.


Before- Buggy, pale-looking backyard

Many homeowners dream of creating a cottage like structure, but ultimately end up creating something weedy, wooded, spider/mosquito-filled space. Now this is a nightmare, isn’t it?

After- Create a deck

All you can do is push back the wilderness and clear up the weeds, rotten trees and extend a deck where you can enjoy quality leisure time with your friends and loved ones. Furthermore, you can keep the pests at bay by creating pathways leading to a small water fountain or pond.landscaping-in-Toronto1

Before- Barren area

An empty space with a  few weedy patches surrounded by overgrown bushes. Honestly, the backyard doesn’t seem to be a relaxing retreat, so what can be done?

After- Pergola or add a few low-maintenance plants

This is another perfect example of a beautiful landscaping in Toronto. The space looks complete with the new turf, water fountain, and borders. You can consider it as an open pergola with a stunning fireplace and a beautiful sitting arrangement for winter gatherings.landscaping-in-Toronto2

Before- The place seems to be pretty narrow

The deck literally feels neglected and is falling apart. However, you need a professionally planned landscaping look to ensure more comfort.

After- It’s a paradise

Creating a two-level deck featuring numerous furnishings and elements like a brick patio anchored by a fireplace, alfresco dining area and of course, the blooming colorful plants & flowers. I personally feel this is the best transformation, especially when we are talking about the finest landscaping in Toronto.


Before- It seems too basic

Being a homeowner, we all love to entertain our guests with beautiful looking outdoors. So what can be done is you can add a straight flight of stairs with a cozy lounge.

After- Best combination of aesthetics and functionality

The picture says it all! Here installing a few elements like a Bluestone patio, hanging fire pit, the dining table has dramatically improved the outdoor area.

So this is it  for now! We are one of the leading companies who strive hard to offer the finest landscaping in Toronto.  Don’t hesitate! Feel free to connect with our delegates in order to get a better perspective on the same.