Landscaping not only enhances the value of your property but also marks as an improvement in your property’s visual appeal as it makes your home look more functional and attractive. While there are many home-owners who like to take up a challenge and so choose to landscape on their own, there are many who would opt for a landscape architect to assemble a professional backyard landscaping.

We, being the most experienced landscape architects in Toronto, would suggest that you at least have a professional consultation before taking any decisions. A professional backyard landscaping can cost approximately from $5000 to above $100,000, depending upon many factors. If you do not know how much should you budget for your home’s backyard landscaping, then consider our pro-tip. Always invest about 10% of your home’s current value in your backyard landscaping.

Backyard Landscaping

To help you understand better, we’ve made a list of aspects to be considered while determining the landscaping cost for your property.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Backyard Landscaping

1. Size of your yard

The size of your yard is an essential factor that actually decides the budget of your landscaping. It will determine the size of other elements and necessary installations needed around the yard. While designing for any size, you can rely on two sorts of landscaping:

  • Hardscapes- Hardscapes use inanimate objects or elements to make your landscaping come alive. It naturally requires less or no maintenance but can damage itself in absence of proper drainage in and around the hardscape.
  • Softscapes- Softscapes provide a natural tone and life to your backyard landscapes. They use natural plants and other elements to enhance your backyard. But, softscapes are difficult to take care of, often increasing your cost of maintenance.

People who have big yards and wish to have simple, elegant, yet cost-effective landscaping choose hardscapes because although they cost more than softscapes, they can save more money in the long run, in addition to making your landscape look beautiful effortlessly.

2. Elements you wish to install

While looking for elements that can enhance your backyard experience, you have a variety of options and can choose one or the combination of many elements from the following:

  • Arbours
  • Pergolas
  • Fire-pits
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Deck
  • Fencing
  • Pathways or Walkways
  • Sprinkler System
  • Pond

Many of these elements require some great amount of maintenance, so choose wisely.

3. Sourcing of the materials

Source of material is also an important determinant of landscaping cost. There are many vendors who offer the same material but at different prices. The point of differentiation can be the quality, brand or from where it is being produced. Choose the materials and vendors wisely. Hiring professional landscape constructors can give you a better insight into sourcing the materials and help you get quality elements at a reasonable price.

4. Your house’s location

Your house’s location will determine the weather conditions as well as ascertain the cost of labour. Some houses require more upkeep and maintenance due to its location. Thus, this might incur more cost in landscaping than the usual. Try to choose a landscape design that suits your house’s location. It will help you to stay in your budget.

Want to Have Cost-Effective Backyard Landscaping?

Professional landscape architects and contractors have years of experience that can help them deliver backyard landscaping ideas in a budget and implement them, without any mishaps or problems. Save yourself from considering these factors and let experts with better landscaping plans take-over. Call Land-con on 416.504.5263 or drop us a mail on to ask more about our services and also for a free consultation!