If you are a beginner in gardening and landscape designing, then this blog is for you. The first step towards having a beautiful and modern landscape design in Toronto is to know what you should avoid and not do. These are the eventual learnings that you will end up knowing after committing them but we wish that you can know them before and avoid them, in order to save time and resources.

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Read on to know the mistakes you must avoid and have a backyard as if designed by any of the leading Toronto landscape architecture firms.

1. Planting Too Close to Your Home’s Foundation

There are many plants which outgrow your desired size quite quickly and thus cannot be adviced to be planted anywhere close to your home’s foundation. Such plants, if with stronger roots, can crack the walls and grow in them. Try to choose Dwarf trees or Sky Pencil holly when planting greens near your home’s foundation. These are quite short in height and width.

2. Selecting Ground Covers That Are Their Own Weed

Ground covers are used to cover grounds (quite self-explanatory). Ground covers fill in the area and culminate the growth of other unwanted plants and weed. But sometimes, homeowners regret planting them. Why? They grow easily and sometimes cover the ground that does not need their coverage. Thus you need to select a proper ground cover that does it job efficiently, without imposing as a threat to other plants and trees growing around.

3. Taking Prompt Decisions About Mulch

Mulches are great but not all are suitable for all types of plants. Mulches range from small to big sizes and all have their own inconveniences. While lightweight mulches can easily move with a heavy stroke of wind, the heavyweight mulches tend to seep in the ground and become difficult to remove. Also, some mulches pose a threat to certain plants. So never promptly select a mulch and try to work it in your backyard. We mean that if it is not working naturally, you can never make it forcefully work.

4. Failing to Plant for Optimum Display

Your backyard will really shine through if you position the plants correctly. Properly positioned plants and trees form a harmony in your landscape designs and elevate the overall appeal of your home. Generally, this takes a bit of experience and proper knowledge of what works with your home’s structure and size of your backyard.

5. Pruning Without Researching

Pruning is the key for a full bloom garden, but it can go wrong if done without a proper research. Mannerly pruning helps to attain a growth you cannot even imagine. The cue to have this is to not hurry it but rather take your time and prune in the best way possible that it boosts the growth.

6. Mismanagement of Lawn

People often commit the following mistakes while managing a lawn:

  • Having a big lawn
  • Not installing a mowing stripe
  • Planting circles or dotting the lawn

Try avoiding them in order to have a better-managed lawn.

7. Not Properly Planning for Winter Maintenance

Winter is the season when your backyard needs more attention with snow removal and snow management services. Due to this, you will need a wider driveway with nothing around it. This will help in a better movement for the ploughing truck, without creating any mess in your backyard.

8. Planting Improper Trees

When we say improper trees, it is highly subjective. For many nut and fruit-bearing trees are messy and require regular cleaning around them and so wish to refrain from planting them. If you are also among these people who want a landscaping with lower maintenance, make sure to avoid such trees.

Trees you should avoid planting:

  • Sweetgum
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Pine

9. Being Overconfident About Your DIY Capabilities

Being confident is surely a strong and useful attribute while landscaping but being overconfident is far from being realistic about your capabilities. Try to introspect on your abilities and act accordingly. People who do not have any experience in landscape designing should blindly call a landscape architect in Toronto. Be true to yourself and save your time and money with better and prompt designs.

10. Buying a Home Without Proper Assessment

Different homes have different zoning laws and neighbour laws. Thus, before buying a home you need to properly assess these things, to make sure that your landscaping does not break any rules or trouble anyone around.

Instead, Get Professional Help!

There are many innovative and modern landscaping designs in Toronto that can only be achieved for your backyard through professional landscape architects. Our landscape architects in Toronto believe that the skill set of a professional landscaping firm cannot be matched. So save your time and resources and hire the leading landscape architect in Toronto, with Land-con! Call us on 416.504.5263 or drop us a mail on info@landcon.ca to know more about our services or to get an instant quote!