Decks are typically made from wood or a composite material. When it comes to backyards, the possibilities are endless. The popularity of simple, boxy deck and landscape designs is transitioning to a desire to create something unique and modern.

From multilevel decks to decks shaped like leaves, deck builders and homeowners are imagining amazing designs and figuring out how to make them come to life. The rise of deck accessories like specialty railing and lighting has opened the door even wider to creative outdoor spaces. These accessories, paired with inspired designs, are allowing decks to become an integral part of the landscape, not just an afterthought or free-standing platform.

A strong trend in deck design is the segmentation of separate smaller deck platforms. These “mini decks” can be built in places where a traditional deck might not fit, allowing for use of every part of a backyard, even those with a strange shape or intruding landscaping elements.



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