The best idea during summer is to enjoy the outdoor space at the fullest!

As the indoor of your house is cozy and comfortable, enjoying the best time in the backyard is even more exciting. And when we talk about backyard landscaping, summer is a good time to enhance your property. Extended daylight can be utilized for outdoor activities.

With a little effort, your backyard can turn into a place you would want to be once home. If you aren’t comfortable with designing the outdoor space, seek professional help.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Let us check a few landscaping ideas which can be implemented during the summers for the extra space outside your house.

  • Plants

Lush green plants always enhance the look of the backyard space. Herbs can be planted in pots which are buried in the ground – giving a green-bed garden look. Moreover, your landscaping expert will make sure to add plants which require less maintenance. It is obvious that you wouldn’t want to spend your wonderful summer-time watering or trimming the plants. Hence, opt for evergreen plants which require less of your time yet look amazing.

  • Shaded Areas & Fences

Extra corners of the yard can be filled with plants which require shades. This will not only enhance the look but also give the backyard some fresh feel.

Trend for this summer is to use bold colors for your fences in the backyard. This is the least expensive measure during landscaping. Hence, avoid the usual white ones and give your garden a pinch of some beautiful colors this summer.

  • Wooden Structures

Trellises can be used along with other wooden structures in the backyard. They are useful in many ways. Moreover, your own bowling alley will give a remarkable look – if this interests you – giving your backyard a summer hangout place for your friends and family.

With kids around – build some space which would include play area along with chalkboards where they can have fun and be creative as well. Make sure the backyard does not have edgy constructions which could harm the kids playing around.

  • Ponds & Pools

Small ponds in the corner sections of the backyard look beautiful. The trickling sound of water also gives a soothing effect. Pools definitely give an enhanced look to the backyard adding the luxury of being in the water during summer. For yards which have lesser space, get small pools.

Let us share some backyard tips for easy landscaping this summer.

  • For extra safety to your trampoline, the springs can be covered with pool noodles
  • Create curtain shades during summer
  • If there are tiles in the design, color some of them to give a dramatic look
  • Use solar lights to save energy
  • Plant tall grass for extra privacy

Basically, backyard landscaping designs will mostly depend on the space available outside the house. With the budget you wish to spend, transform this space into an amazing place and enjoy the warm summer breeze.

To get more insight into backyard landscaping ideas, feel free to call us at 416.504.5263. Our landscaping experts will be happy to help you!

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