Timeless Chic-(SEARLE) (12)
Timeless Chic-(SEARLE) (11)

About the Project:

  • Fresh template to work on
  • The retaining walls move up and down in height to show off the garden plants and create extra unique interest
  • The linear design is complimented by one curve in the driveway detail
  • All stone on the floor matches, including the porch. A great compliment to their house bricks.

Back yard:

  • Beautiful colour scheme with lots of contrasting textures in the flooring. The Techo-Bloc Borealis wood planks define the sitting area and the dining space.
  • Modern planting, with a Feather Reed grass “living wall” separating the sitting area from the pathway
  • Like the front, there are all clean straight lines. with one curved line for interest.
  • “Paperbark Maple Tree” to give a focal point of interest, whose bark compliments the red brick on the house.
  • Beautiful modern planting re-defines the lines of the patio.

Urban Chic – Landscape Design Work

Special Features:

  • 2 tier back patio

  • Feather Reed Grass “green wall”

  • Lighting and irrigation

  • Driveway interlock design

  • Decorative pillars and retaining walls

  • Stone finished porch

  • Planting

Timeless Chic-(SEARLE) (11)