About the project:

After working on a similar project at 650 King Street West, Land-Con was hired to do design and build the outdoor courtyard, at 775 King Street West. The wish list on this project was simple – to bring more of the residents into the space and create a beautiful view for the units above. The designer proposed a plan to the board which included multiple gaming spaces. This plan evolved into the final design which included a bocce court, multiple sitting spaces, a large galvanized steel metal pergola center piece and thirty-six feet of stunning stainless-steel planters with natural ivy screen planters.

Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • The access from King Street West made it extremely difficult to bring in the massive steel beams and rafters for the pergola.
  • Constant pedestrian foot traffic needed to be directed around the site daily.
  • The existing base material needed to be shored up to install the large steel posts.

Special Features:

  • Galvanized Steel Pergola center piece
  • Bocce court
  • 36’ long living wall over the fire place
  • Custom stainless-steel planter boxes
  • Custom entry way gate off king street
  • Landscape Lighting