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Country Club

About the project: This 80’s modern house has such a unique and cottagey feel backyard before we created the new update. When the designer arrived for consult, it was evident that the original design was quite well laid out. However, it was time for an update and some modification. The old stone was very cracked,…
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About the project: The client called us to design a functional design for his smaller Toronto backyard with a big wish list and lots of features, this project posed a few challenges. The clients wish for a sleek modern backyard came together after a few different layouts and concept revisions. It is safe to say…
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About the project: After a few years of moving into their suburban home, this family was ready to get their dream backyard. The house came with an existing deck and pool, but it was ready for a facelift. Our designer worked closely with the client’s wish list and style to create a brand-new design, custom…
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About the project: Upon the initial consultation, this client had a very distinct idea of how they wanted the backyard laid out. Once we began to draw the space to scale in our 3D design program, everything started to take shape. With a few modifications, the design turned out almost exactly as they envisioned! This…