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Landscaping in Etobicoke – Creating Dream Spaces

Living in a suburb like Etobicoke with a house having no landscape might seem utterly boring. Converting a house into home becomes pretty easy with a lovely yard around where you have your morning breakfast, a family relaxing space or a friend’s get-together. This yard when landscaped with expert artistry can transform your humble abode into a beautiful habitat.

We offer a variety of appealing ideas for landscaping in Etobicoke. You can turn your yard into a pool space where your family can enjoy midnight swimming, make it into an outdoor kitchen where you can have barbeque with your friends and family on weekends, transform backyards into lush shrubbery which not only provides you a privacy but also keeps you close to nature, or, setup Pergolas and Cabanas to add luxurious and attractive architectural lines to the landscape.

The process for Etobicoke landscaping includes designing, construction, installation and maintenance. We envision your ideas of a perfect landscape, spend time with you to understand your requirements, suggest you the best designs and help you create a mental image of the landscape which are customised just for you. Our landscapers take care of every intricate detail so as to provide you with the best living experience.



Our expertise in Etobicoke Landscape Design

With decades of experience, our engineers add meticulous workmanship to the construction and installation of every section of the landscape. Our passion to provide the best services shows evidently in the final setup. Work with the professional landscapers to stay assured even about the maintenance services later.

Landscaping in Etobicoke creates an ambience for your yard which you had long dreamed of. With ponds, pools, fountains or waterfall and well-designed landscaping, you can fulfil your dream of staying close to nature. This even reduces the other heating and cooling expenses as your landscape regulates itself according to the climate.

If you are thinking of landscaping your yard yourself, then surely go ahead. But do keep in mind, that it requires an expert and experienced eye to convert an idea into reality, considering all the technicalities to get the best possible results. You can even hire us just for Etobicoke landscape design and consultation, so as to get the professional touch.

Etobicoke Landscaping provides you a blissful space to relax and chat. However, landscaping also increases the value of the property. If you are thinking of commercializing your property, then what better way than to making it more appealing by landscaping it.



For the best of impact and result, landscaping should be overseen by Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers who are qualified, experienced, and possess the required skills.

pools & Spas

Imagine yourself sitting in the backyard on a summer afternoon, enjoying the cool breeze emanating from the pool water, and reclining on a beach chair amid picturesque surroundings!


Besides providing you with a great relaxing space and glorifying the beauty of your house, landscaping your backyard can increase the value of your property.


 We provide a professional front yard landscaping service to enhance the curb appeal and increase the value of your property significantly.


Stamped Concrete can be dated back to the 1950s when the designs and colours were limited. Now, we put forward a plethora of options for our clients in different patterns and textures.

Outdoor Kitchen & Bars

One of the trendiest uses for outdoor space is to create an outdoor kitchen where you can bbq, feast and entertain with many of the conveniences of an indoor kitchen.

Cabanas & Pergolas

Make your pass times more pleasurable with an ideal deck or pergola. We design and build decks and pergolas which add to your luxury and glorify the beauty of your house.

Deck Design

When it comes to backyards, the possibilities are endless. The popularity of simple, boxy deck and landscape designs is transitioning to a desire to create something unique and modern.


Whether you’re sitting outside on a deck or patio or you wish to place a spotlight on a specific area of your yard, outdoor lighting can serve these purposes.

Commercial & Condo Landscaping

Commercial and Condo Landscaping can help you achieve a well-preserved environment that enhances the property, while still providing multi-faceted benefits.

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