About the Project:

At this beautiful new build located in Toronto, a blank canvass was provided to design a fresh outdoor living space. Working together closely with the client we were able to execute a design that will withstand the test of time. Always keeping in mind the architecture, as well as materials used to build the house, the material selections at this house really shine and complete the property.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • The request for a 2 tier patio was met with a raised back patio with a step down to a lower sitting area

  • Grading issues posted problems for space, which were solved with re-grading and adjusting patio heights as well as a window well.

  • It was important to connect the back and side to the front of the house. Our driveway design leads you around to the back yard, where you will find the same materials and style in a backyard private area.

  • Request for low maintenance plants was resolved with an automated irrigation system.


Special Features:

  • 2 tier back patio

  • Feather Reed Grass “green wall”

  • Lighting and irrigation

  • Driveway interlock design

  • Decorative pillars and retaining walls

  • Stone finished porch

  • Planting