About the Project:

Located in a beautiful area in Caledon at the top of a hill, this brand new modern architecture style house brings a wonderful visual addition to the surrounding rolling hills and large mature trees. As you come up the driveway, the definitive lines of the house give off a very structured and sturdy feeling amongst the soft, natural surrounding landscape. These progressive-minded clients wanted a landscape that would complement the house and show off their love for order and perfection.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • A large sloped hill required us to build retaining walls and steps up to the front entrance of the house. The centerline of the staircase was perfectly centered on the front door.

  • The asymmetrical front porch design created a unique opportunity to build interesting retaining walls. No wall is the same length, giving the design a unique character

  • The retaining walls adjacent to the steps compliment the roof angle. The custom metal planter box inside is a perfect offset to the shape, which entailed precise measuring and custom fabrication.

  • All cuts on the stone pathway are mitered on the corner and perfectly lined up which compliments the house and the mindset of the homeowner.


Special Features:

  • Unique front staircase finished with impressive landscape lighting

  • Tranquil water feature using stone to match the front stair case and patios

  • Clean linear gardens with pops of colour. Plants chosen by homeowner.

  • 4000 sq.ft asphalt driveway

  • Separate back patio and private garden

  • Landscape lighting

  • Irrigation