About the Project:

Built in a newer sub-division in Richmond-Hill, the goal of this project was to create a space for our client’s big family to enjoy together. They had a vision of a multi-tier living space built with multiple materials, surrounded by lush plants. Clean lines shown in a simple yet elegant design was important to their life style. This had to be implemented with warm colours and textures, then complimented with contrasting colours and lines to tie the space together, while keeping in mind the style of the home.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • Grading / slope issues enabled us to divide the area creatively. We used the double sided bar to separate the 2 spaces, which also connects them together.

  • Back door is high from the upper patio grade, which created design complications to build a functional deck space. The final design included 2 steps from the back door to a deck sitting area, followed by more steps down to the patio.

  • Low light conditions made for a difficult planting plan. A selection of shade loving plants was needed to create the gardens.


Special Features:

  • Double sided bar / prep area

  • PVC deck with roof and stone / frosted glass privacy screen

  • Comfortable lower tier sitting space

  • Landscape lighting

  • Unique decorative rocks

  • Large sitting space