About the Project:

Six50 King West is a condo in Toronto. Located directly in the downtown cores “entertainment district”, this condo is steps away from great resturants, bars, clubs and shops. Unfortunately, after the condo was built there were a few issues with the finishes, one of the problems was the “Zen Garden”. The lawyer in charge of the lawsuit against the builder happened to be a previous client of Land-Con and he called upon us to redesign this space. The designer proposed 2 different plans to the condo board, one of which was selected and constructed. The idea behind the space was to create something stunning to look at, as well as to become an inviting space for the residents to sit and relax, or party with friends. Because all units in the building look down directly into this space, the top view had to be impressive. This was achieved by using colours and materials influenced by the architecture of the building, as well as lots of greenery, and a large space of green turf. A renovation on top of a parking garage came with lots of planning and engineering, which was executed to perfection.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • Existing landscaping created difficulties in new design

  • Existing Large garden space had to be filled and new stone laid over

  • Engineer specific drawings regarding weight bearing issues had to be calculated

  • Pergola overhang style design had to be engineered

  • Existing waterfall was leaking and had to be water proofed and filled in to create a new garden

  • Access was difficult

  • Site had to be viewed from all angles, especially from the condos looking down, so a pleasing aerial design view was important


Special Features:

  • Large metal / wood pergola, with the metal posts centered overhanging wood beams.

  • modern coloured / textured permacon stone

  • metal planter boxes with custom fabricated white concrete benches.

  • curved concrete benches spanning between planter boxes

  • landscape lighting

  • planting

  • artificial turf

  • 2 fire features

  • Custom white concrete bar with metal planter box supports