A home’s front yard can say a lot about the owners or people living there. It is the first impression of your home and certainly, you would wish to make it a lasting one with a beautiful front yard design.

Front Yard Design

But few people like to keep their front yard private. There can be many reasons for it, like-

For having some privacy

Some people like to have a sense of privacy or seclusion in their front yard. They also like to make their front yard as an excellent chill-out area away from the world.

For having a sense of security

A front yard is an open space. Many people fear that a welcoming house is also welcoming attention of the unwanted people. Due to this reason, they tend to have a closed, fenced or gated front yard.

Trying to make your own space on the busy streets

If you live in the interior of a city or close to a busy street, a closed front yard is ideal for you.

Small backyard

Few homeowners have a small backyard. Thus, to have more space for themselves in their house, they develop a closed or private front yard.

No matter what the reason, a private space for yourself is always a great idea. Whatever your purpose, at Land-con, we have excellent Front Yard Designs that can help you achieve a private haven for yourself. We have mentioned a few ways you can easily make a front yard landscape, private.

1. Short-fencing

Fence your front yard by using a picket fence. You can also use slats to have the privacy you need, without blocking the entire visibility of your front yard. But then again, if you require total seclusion, you can opt for a taller fence. There are other materials as well depending upon your budget and weather around you.

2. Dense it with Large Trees

Plant as many large trees as possible while front yard landscaping. It is ideal for someone who is living on a busy street. Large trees can hide your home and help you have a private space. You can choose from many options like the sycamores. They can reach the height of about 90 feet with a large spread as well.

3. Shrub it up!

Hedge your front yard line with shrubs. Shrubs have the tendency to grow for about 40 feet with a dense foliage. You can plant these shrubs to not only naturally fence your front yard design but to also have a beautiful visual impact while you are at it.

4. Layer up with Plants

Homeowners who do not want to fall into the obvious choices of closing a front yard can try the layering of plants in their front yard design. This is a contemporary option for the artistic soul in you.

You can begin layering with the short (on-the-ground) plants. Such plants do not rise much above ground level. You can choose chrysanthemums for the outermost layer. Then, after the shorter ones, you can plant the second layer of shrubs. Finish the whole look by adding the third layer of ornamental trees.

5. Gate your front yard

Choose who can enter your adobe by making it a gated front yard. Fence up your front yard landscape and add a gate with a walkway towards your home. This can keep the unwanted attention away while still providing you a partial privacy. This is ideal for someone who is looking for a little sense of security. To make it more secure, you can install a doorbell or an intercom.

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